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Monday, May 28, 2007

How the OpsMgr 2007 Agent Deployment affect the managed system

source: Operations Manager blogger by Kerrie Meyler and Cameron Fuller

During installationof the SCOM agent the following ranges of impacts on the system:

Processor: 29-37% increase during installation
Disk: 18-19 additional pages per second
Disk: 154 MB data (%programfiles%\System Center Operations Manager 2007)Network: 11 MB data sent to the system during installation
Memory: 22 MB less available memory

After the installation was complete
Processor: 3-4%
Disk: 0.5 additonal pages per second
Disk: 156 MB data (%programfiles%\System Center Operations Manager 2007)
Network: .5-.6 MB/min additional traffic
Memory: 11 MB less available memory

for more details about the Test check the link below:

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