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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Install and configure Microsoft Forefront Server Security Management Pack (FFSMP) for Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005

Download the MP from Management Pack Catalog

Download and install Windows Scripting Host version 5.6 for Windows Server 2003
if the operator console installed on windows XP install Windows Scripting Host version 5.6 for Windows XP and Windows 2000

Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) is required to run some script

Use MOM 2005 Administrator Console to import the management pack
Open Administrator Console
Navigate to the Management Packs
Use Import/Export Management Option to run import wizard.

Run attribute discovery to accelerate the discovery of the servers running forefront
Open the Administrator Console.
Navigate to Administration and expand it.
Navigate to Computers\Agent Managed Computers. These are the systems that have had agents installed.
Select all the computers in the right pane (the agent systems), and then right-click. A shortcut menu appears.
Select Run Attribute Discovery Now

Configure Notification Groups to receive forefront alerts
Open administrator console
Navigate to management packs and expand it.
Go to notifications then notifications groups
Select Microsoft Forefront Security Administration Group and right-click and all the required operator for forefront alters.

Install Forefront Server Security Administrator

modify the Forefront Server Security Administrator path
Open the Administrator Console.
Navigate to management packs and expand it.
in Tasks/Microsoft Forefront Security/client console / Forefront Server Security Administrator
Right-click and choose Properties, then choose details tab and add the path of task command line.

Configure the directory path to the Application Log Provider
Open the MOM 2005 Administrator Console.
Navigate to the Management Packs\Providers container.
Select the Application Log type called Forefront Security ProgramLog or Forefront SP ProgramLog, depending on which one requires a new path.
Right-click and then select Properties.
Click the Directories tab.
Configure the directories by update the current or add new path

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