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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Installing and configuring Dell Management Pack Version 3.0 for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007

The Dell Management Pack enables SC Operations Manager to more accurately depict the status of Dell systems on a defined network segment. This improved representation, which includes the receipt of alerts and pre-failure alerts with the ability to drill down to each hardware component from the overall Dell hardware health, allows Dell customers to assess, respond to, and better insure availability of Dell systems monitored in the SC Operations Manager environment. In addition to improved availability, the Management Pack enhances the ability to monitor and manage the hardware in a single management solution.

Dell Management Pack Version 3.0 Features:
  1. Displays alerts for events received from Dell OpenManage Server Administrator (including the Server Administrator Storage Management Service) for Dell PowerEdge systems.
  2. Discovers and monitors Dell printers “Dell printers that support Community-based Simple Network Management Protocol Version 2 (SNMPv2c). The Management Pack does not process SNMP traps.
  3. Provides Diagram views, Alert Views, and State Views.
  4. Provides Tasks for launching Server Administrator, the Dell Remote Access Controller (DRAC),and the Dell Printer Console.
  5. Groups PowerEdge systems (Modular and Monolithic) running Server Administrator so that the systems are easily identifiable and manageable.
  6. Groups Dell servers that do not have Server Administrator installed or with unresponsive instrumentation service as Unknown.
  7. Provides Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) tasks for Dell systems with the baseboard management controller (BMC).
  8. Allows you to customize and configure your Dell devices for discovery and monitoring.

To Installing and configuring Dell Management Pack Version 3.0 for Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007 you can download the full docuemnt from the following link
or contact me @ Tarek_877@hotmail.com to get a copy

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