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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Troubleshooting Operations Manager 2007 Computer and Device Management Wizard

  • Check if all Operations Manager servers are running in RMS and all Management Servers
  • check the communication between all Operations Manager servers
  • check if you have firewall between Management server and the target machine
  • check if the agent is installed "MOM 2005 agent or OpsMgr 2007 agent"check if the discovery account is locked out , and has administrative rights on the tareget server or workstation
  • check if SQL Service Broker is or has been disabled by useing the following SQL query

SELECT is_broker_enabled FROM sys.databases WHERE name = 'OperationsManager'

if the value 0 , enable SQL Service Broker by stop the SDK, Config, and Health Services on the RMS, the Heath Service on any secondary management server, the execute the following statement:

If all the above was checked, do the following steps:

  • Run the discovery with different accounts
  • Restart All Operations manager service on RMS and management servers
  • Restarted the RMS Server and other management servers
  • Restarted the Database Server
  • Put the RMS Server into maintenance mode, and then removing it from maintenance mode

thanks to Mike Baiano and Cameron Fuller

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