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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Monitoring Windows Event using Operations manager 2007 - Part 1

Microsoft System Center Operations manager 2007 contains great tools to monitor conditions that can occur in monitored objects.
Monitors in operations manager are divided into three different types of monitors:
1. Unit monitors
2. Aggregate rollup monitors
3. Dependency rollup monitors.

Unit monitor is the basic element of the monitoring in Operations manager , it can be used to monitor all windows Events, Log file , Windows service, windows performance counters , SNMP , and ………….

You have an option with any monitor unit to generate an alert.
Unit monitors can be rolled up to either dependency or aggregate rollup monitors.
Windows events are a very important element we need to monitor on all windows servers and workstations.

Operations manager 2007 provide a comprehensive solution to monitor windows events using monitor units
Monitor windows events are divided into five parts as below:
1. Simple event detection
2. Repeated event detection
3. Missing event detection
4. Correlated event detection
5. Correlated missing event detection

We will discuss all of these points in details one by one in five guides plus the guide number six which will contain some tips and tricks while working with monitoring windows events.
In this guide will discuss how to work with simple event detection

download the guide from the following link
or contact me at Tarek_877@hotmail.com to get a copy