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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Monitoring Windows Event using Operations manager 2007 - Part 2

Using Microsoft operations manager to monitor windows event is one of the important task should be done by the administrator.

Monitoring event log for specific event on a group of servers in a normal way can be a e work to do this and still also not an accurate solution and not automated.

Some times when the event raised, this will not be a problem in the network but when this event repeated within a short time, this could be a problem.

Microsoft System center operations manager provide a perfect solution to monitor the repeated event based on many criteria

By using windows event monitor for repeated event, you will get a magic tool to keep your network up and healthy without manual action to these windows events.

This is the second guide about monitor windows event using operations manager, in this guide we will discuss how to configure repeated event detection monitor
It seems to be easy like working with simple event detection monitor.

download the guide from the following link
or contact me at Tarek_877@hotmail.com to get a copy