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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Monitoring Windows Service using Operations manager 2007

Monitoring windows services with operations manager 2007 provide us with great tool to monitor our servers, and detect any service problems
Diagnostic and recovery tasks are available to analyze the system automatically when the service stopped without and administrator’s action to troubleshoot the problem.
Operations manager has the ability to start the service automatically and run any suitable recovery task to cover this failure.
You can create a Windows services unit monitor that you can use to generate an alert, run diagnostic tasks , and run recovery Tasks.
The tasks can be configure to run manually or automatically
The diagnostic tasks can be configured to run only commands
The recovery tasks can be used to run a script or commands
The task can only target the monitored objects only, and cannot target others This guide will discuss how to monitor windows services by example, configure diagnostic tasks, and configure the recovery tasks

download the guide from the following link
or contact me at Tarek_877@hotmail.com to get a copy