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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Monitoring Windows Event using Operations manager 2007 - Part 3

Monitoring windows Event with operations manager 2007 provide us with other ways to monitor our server.
Monitor the missing events in the windows event log is another way to keep your eyes on the running windows system.
You can monitor the event log file within a specified time to check if this event is missed or not.
For example, every Sunday morning from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM a third party application do a special task and after the successful end of this task , I will get an event in the application event log of the server, and I have more than 20 server has the same application
Surprise, in a normal way I will open the event viewer of each server and search for this event during this time, this will be a time consuming job for me, and this day will be my worst day in my week to do this.

But if you have Microsoft Operations Manager 2007, you can configure a monitor to check this server at this time; if the event is located I will not be notified and the system is running well.
But if the monitor did not find this event at this time, the health state of the server will be change to warning or critical state, and I have an option to fire alert with preconfigured setting.
Also, when the health state was changed to non healthy state as you configure the monitor, when the server will be in healthy state again?
Microsoft operation manager 2007 provides us with 3 ways to reset the health state:
Manual reset
Timer reset
Windows event reset

In this guide, we will discuss how to configure a unit monitor to monitor missing windows event.
Configure missing event detection unit monitor is the easy one in windows event detection unit monitor.

download the guide from the following link
or contact me at Tarek_877@hotmail.com to get a copy